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For decades upon decades, we all have been witnesses to the declining health of so many gospel artist. Years of late night visits to the Waffle House and those Mom and Pop restaurants after shows have really taken its toll on the health and bodies of so many artist we know and love. So many diseases such as, Heart disease and stroke,High blood pressure, Diabetes, Some cancers, Gallbladder disease and gallstones, Osteoarthritis, Gout, Breathing problems, sleep apnea and asthma; can be prevented if gospel artist would take their health seriously. Although the gospel arena doesn’t push for image the way the secular industry does, I truly believe that image and health should be equally as important as any other aspect in a singers career. It takes tons of energy to perform show after show. An audience doesn’t want to see a boring performer that can’t deliver because of lack of energy. What you put in your body is important. Find supplements that will target an increase in energy levels. Drinking plenty of water is important, even for vocal stamina. Working out is important. Increasing your cardio increases your chance at a better and more energized performance. Taking a stand for your health is important! Don’t be one of those overweight and out of shape artist that can move around on stage for a 30 minute set but can’t take 30 minutes to walk on a treadmill to ensure that their body is in top notch shape. Trust me, their doctor bills are sky high!!! Instead of visiting IHOP after a show, how about pre packing a healthy meal or have some peanut butter along with fruit. The foods we put in our bodies and the way we take care of our bodies will ensure that we live a long time to be able to enjoy your success. And let’s just be honest, we look better when we are in shape. Look great, feel great, be great! Let’s get in shape!

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