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Let’s be honest for the next 5 minutes, (or however long it takes for you to read this article.) It almost appears as though everyone can just flat out SING nowadays. You have the squallers, runners, toners and ‘wildebeests’ (the blessed ones that can do all the above). With that being said, it’s easy to doubt your sound and your ability. Guess what? I get it.

Check this out: “the commanding volume of a trombone does not take away from the beauty of a flute.” (I need to copyright this, huh?)

It is time to embrace YOUR sound. There are too many people adjusting their sound to what they believe the standard or most popular sound is! It’s like having a band FULL of clarinets. No, thanks!

Why it is important to embrace YOUR sound?

  1. You function better in your own strength.
  2. Most people mess up when they attempt to do things that others do well. When you mess up doing what already is not considered your strength, it reinforces your feelings of inadequacy.
  3. Your stage presence is better when you embrace and become comfortable with your sound.
  4. Your anointing is in YOUR sound, and the way YOU do it. (Think of Cousin David and the slingshot….his way worked best for him). 1 Samuel 17:38.

Hypothetically, think if Cousin David adorned the popular garments of his peers? You wouldn’t have had to learn about him every year in vacation Bible School.

  1. There is a confidence that comes with practice and familiarity of your gift.
  2. People respond to anointing and CONFIDENCE.


Many of us love and have even been influenced by the sound of Brandy, Kim Burrell, Beyonce’, Jazmine Sullivan, Tank, and Joe. Check this out, there is someone that NEEDS for you to embrace YOUR sound! YOUR sound, and delivery may change how they hear music. It’s time to own what you have.




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