Who is Tarcea Renee?

arcea Renee is a recording artist, born & raised in St. Louis, MO. At age 9, she hit the ground running with her eyes set on a successful music career. She’s written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered the majority of her music ever since. Up until 2010, Tarcea Renee made music that celebrated things such as having a lot of money, cars, shoes, clothes, and more. Then a turn of events occurred that caused a shift in her lifestyle and the music she was creating.

In mid-2011, after much studying, prayer, and learning more about who God really is, Tarcea Renee re-surfaced on the rap scene, with a new, more powerful message and purpose for creating music. “After getting saved, I wanted to discover more about Christ before I just hopped on a mic, claiming to be a Christian rapper now, but not really knowing what, or WHO I was actually rapping about!” In 2013, she released her debut album for free, titled “Bible Study,” which garnered close to 10,000 downloads online. Following the success of her first project, she’s consistently released music throughout the years. The most recent release by Tarcea Renee is an EP titled “Change Over Currency,” released in March of 2015.

With her eyes set on a bright future, Tarcea Renee is right back in the studio working on highly anticipated, new music for the world to hear! She’s also executively operating a non-profit, newly founded, independent record label; Vivid Core Music. “The mission of the label is to strive to make disciples, develop artists, and deploy the Gospel into the world through Christ-centered art and events.”

Over the years, Tarcea Renee’s had her share of performances, interviews, radio play and more. But, with a heart that beats towards advocating for who God really is, and serving the community, she’s primarily focused on leveraging her gifts as an outreach tool that presents genuine hope to others, for a better life, now and eternally. To ride along on the journey, be sure to follow Tarcea Renee on your social media platforms and music outlets to keep up with what’s to come.

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  1. 01 Don't Do Tarcer Renee#
  2. 02 Undisputed Tarcea Renee#
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