Who is DJonTheArtist?

A brand new sound for this brand new generation. DJon captivates the hearts of those who hear him. His impeccable vocals only scratch the surface of a young man with a heart after authenticity. Singing for over 10 years, DJon has been in association with such Major Artists as Jessica Sanchez, John. P. Kee, Lanita Smith, Jonathan McReynolds, Shae Norman, Lisa Knowles and several others. His goal is to complete the bridge that has separated people from who they could be and connect them to true love that has always been available to them. “Everyone has a destiny, but not everyone is destined to see it. I want my voice to push people into theirs.” His vocals can be heard in such songs as “Arise” by: Quinton Rayford, “Calvary” by: Shontelle Norman, “Speak To My Heart” by: Courtney Franklin, “United We Stand” by: Heal The Hood Foundation and many more. Support the movement of DJonTheArtist not only in your surrounding area, but across the nation and the world.

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Lamarr Lyons
Artist Manager
(404) 368-4308

If you have any queries, please send message, and we will be in touch soon

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