Who is Demarcus Kelly?

DeMarcus Kelly is a worshipper, servant, and artist whose sole desire is to seek the heart of God. Through his passionate worship, and versatile musical ability, DeMarcus strives to impact the souls of man and to share the love of Christ. A native of Mount Olive, North Carolina, DeMarcus was reared in the Mount Gilead Missionary Baptist Church where he began his musical journey at a young age. He faithfully served as the minister of music for 8 years and transcended into preaching ministry in 2012. DeMarcus has been fortunate to minister in various forums which continuously matures and shapes his sound. Through his exposure and his yielding, the Lord has released a new sound in him. In 2015, DeMarcus began the production process of his latest album “DeMarcus Kelly presents: The Sound.” This release is a fresh and authentic sound that exudes explosive praise and worship. DeMarcus seeks to compel others to Christ through his music and his life…. His vow is simple…”To make sure the earth is full of HIS GLORY!”

Booking Info

Lamar Burrell
Artist Manager
(914) 536-1432

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Music Releases

  1. 01 The Welcome Song Demarcus Kelly#
  2. 02 The Sound Demarcus Kelly#
  3. 03 It's In You Demarcus Kelly#

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