Who is Dale Anthony & Faith Out Loud?


Dale Anthony, born and raised in Oakland California, stands on the core values of faith, love and community. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Walt Disney’s California Institute of the Arts, Dale has elevated himself from musician to a complete artist. Those core values, blended with his undeniable musical gift, make him a force in the Christian community and communities abroad. His love for Gods people is constantly felt through his ministry. The vibrant energy he shows on stage is the same energy that can be felt when serving his community.


Dale Anthony creates music that is relatable and truly soul stirring. In addition to song writing, Dale is a drummer, singer, vocal arranger, producer and worship leader. His music has touched listeners from all walks of life: churched and unchurched; believer and unbeliever. His debut album The Faith Out Loud Project was released in 2012 and is still blessing lives. His funky praise anthem, Praises Heard, was released in 2016 and is the first single off his upcoming sophomore album which is slated to be released fall of 2017. Dale currently serves as Musical Director for True Vine Ministries in Oakland, California. From the Bay Area to the East Coast, from Denmark to Costa Rica, Dale has traveled the world leading workshops and conferences teaching Gospel music to its locals. His group Faith Out Loud can be seen ministering in a city near you.


Dale has the unique and creative ability to touch lives with both his heart-filled music and his heart-felt deeds. Dale is a man of action and Faith Out Loud Friday echoes that truth. FOL Friday is a series that sparked in the Summer of 2016 in an effort to promote acts of kindness and selflessness throughout our communities. Every First Friday, Dale along with many others in the area, promote awareness of the need for Believers and Non-Believers to look outside their world, recognize the needs of others and search for ways to meet those needs with no expectation of return or reward. These selfless acts have gone far beyond the church walls and Dale has been motivating both young and old to Live their Faith Out Loud. His mission is simple: He uses his gifts to inspire, motivate and lead others to Christ through music and outreach.

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