Who is Corey Kennedy?

Corey Kennedy began singing at 4 years old, and even then he knew he was destined for it. His powerful yet soul stirring voice captures and speaks to the heart of God. Corey’s desire is for God to breathe through every lyric and song. For his glory to shine bright and His name be made great in the earth. He yearns to create music that opens heaven and offers worship to an amazing God. Corey is the son of Elder Jacqueline Vaughn and Frank Charles Kennedy. Corey is the younger brother of 1 and a proud uncle to Justin and Carter.

Growing up in Baltimore, Corey had the privilege of playing the piano and singing at his schools and at his current fellowship, Transformation Church of Jesus Christ, under the leadership of Bishop Monroe R. Saunders, Jr., where he serves as a worship leader. Corey serves as a national worship leader for the United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic) as well as a national youth choir director. Along with singing, Corey is also a board member on the church’s youth ministry, music staff, music teacher , and currently studying Choral Music Education. He longs to start a non-profit organization for fatherless young men.

Corey has had many opportunities to travel and sing the gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2015, he began working with Kenhe Music Productions (Kenneth Shelton) and is presently working on his full freshmen project after releasing his first EP with the hit praise and worship single, “Never be Shaken.”

The ministry of Corey Kennedy reminds people that real worship and praise are weapons against the enemy, and his prayer is for all young worship leaders to recognize, create and amplify a culture of worship that reflects our heart for God’s love for His people! Corey has been blessed with numerous opportunities but recognizes that “Only what you do for Christ, will last.”

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