Who is Andrew Williams?

Called for such a time as this…Prophetic…Anointed…Relevant! All of these adjectives, which have been used to describe Philadelphia’s own MIn. Andrew Williams, pales in comparison to the reality of his sincerity, command of the art and love of Gods people. HE is a gifted gospels singer, choir director, and awesome Praise & Worship leader, the list goes on and on. Williams is no novice. He has been singing and ministering to people since his childhood. Williams began honing his skills during his tenure as the director of the West Philadelphia High School Gospel Choir. His desire to pursue excellence motivated him to form the group that would later become known as Min. Andrew Williams & Pure Worship. Williams credits the powerful ministry of Apostle Dr. C.L. White with his continues success and has chosen John 4:24 as the theme of his ministry. It reads, “God is a spirit” and they that worship him, must worship him in spirit and in truth”. Williams, younger brother of national recording artists ” The Williams Sisters,” is a member if the Praise and Glory Tabernacle Family Worship Center where Pastor Phillip Whiteside has been instrumental in helping him to mature and grow tremendously in spirituality. The prolific Min. WIlliams has been called upon to minister on stage with many gospel artists such as Marquia Brooks, Treena and Tameka Ferebee and James Lewis just to name a few. He has opened up for world renown gospel music luminaries such as Prophet Dr. Todd Hall, Vashawn Mitchell, Earnest Pugh, Tracy Shy, Jason Nelson and many more. He has made numerous television appearances and worked relentlessly in many recording studios. Williams is thankful that his mother and father Rev. and Mrs. James Williams, pastor and first lady if The Temple of Christ Church, constantly and consistently instilled in him, “…although people may love your great voice, you must sing for God and not personal gain. Live what you sing!” Andrew Williams & Pure Worship released their first demo on July 10, 2009 to high critical acclaim. It is entitled “Worthy of the Praise.” Since that time God has showered his ministry with favor all over the nation. In May, 2011, Min. Andrew Williams released his first EP entitled “Prophetic Flow.” In 2013, Williams initiated his first live recording in Philadelphia,PA and is set to release his new CD entitled “Here I Am” June 3, 2017. Be sure to follow the ascending star of Min. Andrew Williams & Pure Worship on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

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